Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do you play golf?

Give rise to such an anxiety on the golf course after playing this game--you got to have a meeting this afternoon, tomorrow we have to report to the leadership of work, have a job next week can earn 2000 dollars.

Ten years ago, Cuban leader Fidel Castro is still relatively healthy, he in Venezuela University lecture, one said, "in any one of our Latin American countries on the streets of the capital, beggars are looking at some magazines, it shows their luxury car, escort girls, even show yachts or some such thing. They use this information to let people slowly poisoned, that even beggars are brutally affected, let them do what they are not up to the capitalist dreams of heaven."

Comrade Castro are so right. When I got the poison every day dreaming about cars and beautiful girls. Although a bunch of yachts for a moment, but I am addicted to golf. At that time had a friend around that specialise in golf cottage Club, more than 1000 Yuan to a "sister Taylor" I purchased a cheap set of genuine "Mizuno" drive my small Beverly, went to play golf. Not only myself, still flickers in the magazines: Golf does not only belong to the wealthy, ordinary middle-class were playing, in the United States play a round of golf is $ 20, we need more public courses in China, everyone can play golf.

My fortress "Tyler", in order to sell more fake golf equipment, organized several training courses, surrounded by a gang of youths was hoodwinked into playing under two. I went to several training courses, also hired a coach, is free to go to the driving range and was able to end, almost 120 per cent. Connoisseurs guide me, if you want to improve, must end two times a week, was Beijing's most expensive stadium to $ 400-a-field, I feel you to play once a week. Pitch in the suburbs, back and forth for more than two hours, playing for four hours, the time of day she put into the. Once, golf hotel where I hold activities, pulling you ride the bus, went to Hebei playing, morning, evening, a Grand middle-class fart fart to the 400-mile commute, what do you say it is?

I can analyze myself, first of all, vanity. Second, a social. At that time many units like golf outings would all, brandish a social club to the stadium. I've been to a few times, always met with a boss, a dozen golf and cigars, cigar on the fairway, play caddie handed cigar, cigar-putter on the Greens, called a style. Golf and cigars, has served well the eldest brother, you must add together the two to get him hot. There is some TV makers open at a time, many names, please, give amateurs lessons before the game, I got to eat and drink mix, asshole, went to class, see United Kingdom players Paul Casey, Paul says, give you in class today about how to play Zuo Fei and fly right, everybody shook his head, we just wanted to get it straight! Originally went to class is a wooden Club, I guess Paul hearts cursed, this is what level to participate in the pro-am!

Rubbing the ball, went to more than 100, in order to progress, nothing else, you have to spend money. Is more important to spend time. End plus a week practicing, is impossible without progress in ten hours. That's when I realized that there was a problem, not to mention if you can afford a membership, you have so much time? Even if you have time, your time is your own, please?

An anthropology major friend explained to me, in labor relations from capitalists employed workers, workers selling their labor, earning a living with money purchase work is the nature of the relationship between capitalists and workers. In this case, capitalists and workers need a simple, accurate way of capitalists in order to pay wages, and workers in order to get payment. As a measure of time in the background, and its simplicity and accuracy is widely used across different industries. That is, the job is his time to sell to your boss. This means – first of all, to work and live separated from each other, work is the process of selling their labour, after leaving the workplace, is the life with family and friends. Second, the time is able to exchange for a measure of how much money, relates to the quality of life. For the capitalist, "time is money". For workers, a concept born of the new time, time is not spent in a natural way, but is "used". Time is like money, become a circulation and measurement tools that can be cautious to use only, must not be wasted.

This sense of time, give rise to such an anxiety on the golf course after playing this game--you got to have a meeting this afternoon, tomorrow we have to report to the leadership job. Have a job next week can earn 2000 dollars. You just stole half a day to play ball. And there's a lot of bosses, time is his own, and he has finished his ransom. To redeem himself from the hands of others.

Realize that with that in mind, I have never touched a Golf Club.
I first displeases her.

Also, golf is old sport. We are young and first-run. Running without spending much money, just by yourself, no matter how bad or tired, had to hang, this is our workers and wage earners should be sports!